Multticutters (KROK 46, PL 500)

Manufacturing construction ceramics using plastic molding features two main types of multi-cutters:

- Continuous, single-stage

- Two-stage, where beam of certain length is cut with subsequent cutting it into a certain number of bricks

After analyzing these two systems, we decided to design a two-stage type cutter since it allows for high accuracy of products dimensions.

Hence, two cutters were designed:

- with side cutting and front face trim - CROC 46

- with vertical cutting and trimming on three sides - PL 500.

The machines are featuring highly competitive specifications; a lot of those are matching specifications of global leaders. Furthermore, we have improved and amended designs, which made CROC 46 and PL 500 cutters easier to maintain and added versatility to operation.

Considering operation experience for imported cutters, our CROC 46 and PL 500 machines are equipped with frames that allow for product size adjustments to be performed by operating personnel. Adjustment of existing frames to respond to changes in composition and size of raw clay bar is now possible, no need to purchase new frames, even if we are talking about a few millimeters difference.

  PL 500-14 PL 500-25 КRРОК 46-14 КRОК 46-21
Capacity: cutting cycle 6.0 sec. 6.0 sec. 6.0 sec. 6.0 sec.
Number of cut products pcs. of 1.0 NF fineness, max 14 p. 25 p. 14 p. 21 p.
Product size (standard type)      
– length up to 290 mm up to 190 mm up to 190 mm up to 190 mm
– height up to 150 mm up to 150 mm up to 150 mm up to 150 mm
– width from 45 mm from 45 mm from 45 mm from 45 mm
Operation mode continuous continuous continuous continuous
Control remote remote remote remote
Power supply 380/50 кW/Hz 380/50 кW/Hz 380/50 кW/Hz 380/50 кW/Hz
Air pressure 0.4÷0.6 MPa 0.4÷0.6 MPa 0,4÷0,6 MPa 0,4÷0,6 MPa
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