Slug cutter AR3

Single-string cutter (also known as Slug cutter) is designed for cutting off a piece of required length from a clay bar coming out from extruder.

Cutting is done on a table moving with the same speed as the clay bar does, ensuring a precise perpendicular cut.

The string is installed horizontally and is equipped with a failure sensor.

Cutting is performed by vertical movements of the string, both up and down.

The unit is used for cutting standard size clay bar - 290 × 150 mm

Clay bar dimensions may be increased up to 340 × 170 mm upon request


One-string cutter can be designed for cutting of two clay bars at a time with two parallel molding lines

  AR3 Slug Cutters
Clay bar dimensions (standard)  
– length no more than 600 mm
– width less than 290 mm
– height no more than 150 mm
- length without table 1 890 mm
- length with table 2 560 mm
- width 777 mm
Operation mode continuous
Control remote
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