Rod mills

Rod mixer is designed for treating semi-dry mixtures with humidity from 2 to 9% in course of manufacture of coarse ceramics and silicate products.

Rod mixer is cylindrical welded casing rotated with the drive.

Rod mixer features peripheral discharge through windows at the discharge end of the drum.


Mixture is fed into the drum through the dispenser. When the drum rotates the mixture is being processed by the action of rods and by abrasion between rods and inner surface of the drum. Mixture moves from the loading port to the off-loading opening.

Advantages of the mixer:

- Possible replacement of such machines as disintegrators, rod mills and mixing runners in ceramic mixtures process lines. Its performance is much better at a lower energy input;

- Drum liner with interchangeable armor plates allows to extend its service life;

- New design of armor plates fastening;

- Improved design of support framings;

- Fineness of grinding is controlled by selecting a number of rods in the drum;

- Capacity is regulated by tilting drum from 0.5 º to 3 º.

Mixer is supplied with a modern electric control system. Control cabinet is dust proof with special seals and is assembled from parts supplied by “Schneider” company, France.