PLINFA Company has implemented the project of the brick factory reconstruction in the European Union

Engineering and Industrial Group «PLINFA» has successfully implemented the project of the brick factory reconstruction on the European Union market. Modernization took place at the company, which is a brick production leader in its region - Veliko Turnovo district (the ancient capital of Bulgaria).


Following its concept of working with Customers, experts of the «PLINFA» company has comprehensively approached to the issue of reconstruction:

At the beginning of cooperation enterprise technological audit was carried out

Secondly the research laboratory «PLINFA» was involved in the works, during which engineers have made physical and chemical analysis of clay raw material and has explored its technological aspects. In the second part of the laboratory work were fulfilled molding conditions of ceramic brick on the laboratory vacuum-extruder


Испытание на лабораторном экструдере

The third stage of the work has included selection by the company technologists the technological equipment for the successful reconstruction of production.

At the fourth stage design engineers have developed the project sections, required for construction and installation of equipment, which included: technological solutions, the task for the building of reinforced concrete constructions (foundations), the task for the supply of communications, control systems development.

The final stage of cooperation was supply, installation and startup of advanced equipment produced by the Public Joint Stock plant «Krasny Oktyabr» (Kharkov city)


Смеситель с решеткой PL 250 Вакуумный экструдер УСМ 50

As a result of performed work we managed to reach planned reconstructed plant productivity and improve the quality of «tuhli» (translated from Bulgarian as ceramic bricks)


Смеситель с решеткой PL 250 Вакуумный экструдер УСМ 50 Экструдер УСМ 50 и резка

Engineering and Industrial Group «PLINFA» has once again fulfilled its performance targets and showed in practice that works, done by the company and equipment, supplied on this project, meet the high quality standards of the EU.