The group of companies «PLINFA» completed the renovation of operational brick plant in Ka-zakhstan

In the course of works the plant was supplied with fine roller mills USM 40, multi string cutter PL 500 and forming head to the existing extruder (manufactured in the Republic of Korea) with a mouthpiece for production of hollow (32%) and solid brick.


Roller mills USM 40 were installed to improve the degree of clay grinding up to a size of 1.5 mm.


Cutter PL 500 (chamfered edge on three sides) was purchased to replace existing cutter produced in the Republic of Korea, which was unreliable in operation and could not provide chamfered edges on bricks.

Cutting Machine PL500 was individually designed to meet installation peculiarities and dimensions of the existing line. The most difficult part in machine’s design was block cutting into two groups of brick, their splitting and automatic setting onto two drying frames. At the same time frames were transferred from an existing operation line and had to match the construction of cutting machine.


Molding equipment (head and mouthpieces), developed by «PLINFA» showed great results when forming both – hollow and solid bricks.


As a result of taken measures and start-up activities the plant has reached its goal - launched facial brick manufacturing.


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