High skills at every stage of work

Special focus on details and needs of a Customer

Off standard solutions of current tasks

Best possible ways of projects release




To be far beyond customer expectations


Instruments to achieve our goal:

Our skills are based on:

- long-standing traditions of engineering and design,

- vast experience,

- high professionalism,

- state-of-the-art technologies,

- widecooperationconnections.


PLINFA provides an integrated realization of projects on designing, assembling and start-up of brick plants. All works starting with designing and approval till release are carried out at the highest level, with big responsibility for all liabilities, including quality of the work and compliance with all agreed terms. As are sult PLINFA creates a competitive product, the true value of which has been highly valued by our numerous partners in different countries.



CJSC “Agroprombud”(Chernihivregion,Ukraine) – the project of equipment installation for preparation and shaping departments of the brick plant with a capacity of 18 million bricks per year, chamber dryers and tunnel kilns main tenance with a channel width of 2.5 m. The result of this work was beginning of facing ceramic bricks manufacturing.


LLP “Iliyskybrickplant” (Almaty, Kazakhstan) –turnkey brick plant engineering with a capacity of 15 million bricks per year (dry-press processing) with a tunnel kiln with removable roof. The result of our workwas the best ceramic (facing) brick in Almaty region.


LLC “Belceramic” (Belgorodregion, the RussianFederation)–reconstruction o fbatch preparation department of a ceramic product manufacturing plant and switching to facing brick production. The result is manufacturing of high-quality facing brick.



PLINFA Engineering and Industrial Group is the complex task ssolution in ceramic building materials manufacturing.