Equipment for brick manufacture

The selection of the right equipment is the main task of any reconstruction and construction of a new brick factory. Our company offers a wide range of equipment for the production of bricks and other building ceramics: feeders, mixers, rolls, desintegrator (stone separating) and rollers of fine grinding (finishing), alumina rubbers, vacuum presses (extruders) and semi dry presses, cutting complexes (multi-string cutters), dried loading and unloading lines and much more.


Supply and selection of equipment.

We offer a packaged supply of equipment from receiving of raw materials to packing equipment of final goods.When assorting equipment we are always guided by customer needs and have an experience of creating configurations of equipment from different manufacturers.


Our key partners - “Kharkiv machine building factory "PLINFA"

Among the CIS manufacturers our key partners “Kharkiv machine building factory "PLINFA" (old name - “Krasny Oktiabr”),  which is the only supplier of modern equipment for brick plants among the countries of Eastern Europe having an extensive range of machines for all stages of ceramic production. Geography of supplies of this company, founded in 1870, encompasses all countries of CIS, Eastern Europe and Asia. Only in the last ten years the plant has performed over a hundred of supplying orders as well as many reconstruction projects of particular phases of brick manufacturing: preparation, shaping, drying, and firing. During this period the company has manufactured and supplied more than 50 screw presses including those to replace Verdes, Kema, Fuchs equipment; over 10 finish roller mills with the gap between the rollers of 0.8–1 mm; preparation equipment for dozens of plants including the ones using machine building products of world most famous brands.


This section provides full and detailed information about the process equipment for brick manufacturing.


PLINFA Engineering and Industrial Group is the complex tasks solution in ceramic building materials manufacturing.