Clay shredder

Circular clay feeder (also known as clay shredder) is the most suitable machine for the final stages of clay preparation before feeding it to the press.

This unit exerts rubbing, protrusive and cutting action, but direction the force is applied is different compared to other units, which is considered its great advantage. Thus during the final stage of clay processing clay structure destruction continues.

When using multicomponent mixtures (when clay is mixed with additives: chamotte, sand, sawdust, slags, etc.) a high degree of homogenization is ensured.

Batch mixture processing in circular clay feeder allows for improvement and stabilization of many of clay properties: increased plasticity, align (and in some cases significantly lower) drying sensitivity factor, which is very important for modern accelerated drying techniques; it also contributes to better coloring of end products (when colorants are used) and improvement of overall appearance.

  PL 370 SMK 530
Capacity approx. 30 ÷ 90 t/hr 50 t/hr
Plate/tray diameter 1 900/3 200 mm 2 000/2 900 mm
Clearance between impeller blades and bowl grating 2...5 mm 2...5 mm
Nominal power consumption 82,0÷137,0 kW 59.0 kW
Weight 17 500 kg 13 700 kg
- length 4 100 mm 4 200 mm
- width 3 450 mm 3 500 mm
- height 3 350 mm 2 800 mm
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