Double-shaft mixers

In preparing the blend of ceramic and silica products typically used multiple components that are mixed in different ways.
One way - is to use a twin-shaft mixers , which also occurs post-humidification mass or saturation of its vapor.
Twin shaft mixers can be equipped with a filter grille. In these mixers ceramic mass is subjected to additional effect in the spiral screw channels that lead her to the filter head and forced it through the hole arrays. The result of this processing is cleared of all contamination and mix weight .
In the selection of mixers must be considered:
- grain size distribution of mass,
- properties of materials;
- moisture weight;
- hourly productivity;
Most of the time is not sufficient to install a single tap, even with the filter grille.

Plinfy company is ready to make the selection of equipment for:
- mixing clay with different physico -chemical properties;
- mixing of silicate masses ;
- mixing of bentonite clay and baking soda ;
- mixing the drill cuttings with other components for further use.