Double-shaft Filter mixers (KROK 38, PL 250, PL 265)

Today quality requirements for mass processing have increased significantly. For plants producing facial products using multicomponent mixtures, uniform mixing and homogenization of all components is a must.

Mixers with metal screens also provide some additional functions along with traditional mixing:

- Mass humidifying; 

- Steam heating (basing on technical requirements);

- Thorough mixing of components in augers pressurized against the metal screen;

- Removing inclusions exceeding the mesh of metal screen.

Inside the mixer ceramic mass is being turned by blades of mixing shafts and is further processed in spiral auger channels, which push the mix to the filter head and force it through holes of the screen filter. Thus, one machine functions as a paddle mixer, auger mixer, clay shredder and also cleans processed mass from all foreign inclusions. Combination of four machines’ functions allows improving quality of mixing and achieving high degree of product homogeneity.

  PL 250 PL 258 PL 265 KROK 38
Capacity 30÷50 t/hr 50÷70 t/hr 70÷100 t/hr 25,0 t/hr
Screw diameter 500 mm 580 mm 650 mm 500 mm
Nominal power consumption 60,1÷95,1 kW 95,1÷116,1 kW 116,1÷137,1 kW 59,5 kW
length 3 700 mm 3 700 mm 3 700 mm 5 475 mm
width 2 920 mm 3 150 mm 3 620 mm 4 600 mm
height 1 550 mm 1 630 mm 1 750 mm 1 215 mm
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