De-airing Extruders

The correct choice of the press - is the solution to many technological problems in molding bricks.


Brick extruder

Our machines are fully automatic. A brick extruder designed for the production and burning of clay bricks is a new type of brick extrusion equipment.

Our team has experience in the commissioning of more than 60 vacuum presses at plants of various capacities . Definition of the technical and technological parameters of the press - this is one of the most important aspects, along with the manufacturing quality of the extruder. For example, the density of the beam in the molding screw shaft and turns are as important as the design features and manufacturing press drive.


Vacuum press - USM 50

Vacuum press is the fourth generation - USM 50 (released more than 50 presses since 2004.) And the fifth generation - PL 100 showed good results on clay molding products of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. This is made possible by including a properly designed and manufactured by molding tooling. All brick factories have different feedstock compositions, therefore, our experts perform the full range of work from the study of the charge, the completion of modes forming a laboratory extruder , on the basis of the data - the selection and development of a head of press and tipping equipment, its production and delivery to the customer in a production environment. We do not offer you just order a vacuum press, we invite you to solve the problem of molding department and eventually get adobe brick with parameters significantly improves the quality of the finished product.