Vacuum extruders series PL (PL165, PL155, PL140)

Vacuum screw extruder series PL is designed for plastic shaping ceramic products by pre-compacting ceramic mass prepared and cleaned from foreign inclusions and squeezing it out in the form of a bar. The extruder belongs to the type of continuous action machines and is used in ceramic industry.

The raw materials are clays of normal moisture, specially prepared by clay preparing machines, evenly moistened and necessarily cleaned of foreign solid inclusions, especially metal.

In a vacuum screw extruder, mixing processes are carried out, after-moistening, vacuuming, extrudering and formation of clay mass.

The vacuum screw extruder consists of a extruder and a mixer. The mixer is attached on one side to the vacuum chamber of the extruder, and on the other side to splitter gearbox mounted on the frame.

A extruder drive with motor is installed on the frame (leads to movement of the auger shaft through a V-belt transmission).

The mixer shafts are mounted at one end on front supports attached to vacuum chamber of the extruder, and the other end - in the splitter reducer. Shafts mixer connect with each other through gears located in splitter gearbox.

Replaceable blades and screws are installed on the mixer shafts, with the help of which the clay is mixed and enters the upper body of the vacuum chamber. Provided the ability to change the angle of inclination of the blades. Blades and screws are hard-faced wear resistant alloy.

To protect the walls from abrasion by processed clay, part of the body mixer (where the screws of the mixer shafts are located) lined with replaceable cover.

The screw shaft is the main working body of the extruder. It consists of a shaft, screws and end screw. The screws and the trailer are welded with a hard wear-resistant alloy. The screw shaft is cantilevered and rotates on the drive support, which attached to the body of the vacuum chamber. On the shaft of the planetary gear, mounted on a separate support, the pulley assembly is located. For protection against overloads of the auger shaft and support, as well as protection of the gearbox in the design pulley laid shear fingers.

The augers move and compact the clay mass from the body of the vacuum chamber to cylinder with a head and squeeze it through the mouthpiece in the form of a continuous tape (beam).

Depending on the required shape of the products, appropriate dies (supplied as agreed with the customer).

For more convenient maintenance, the screw shaft of the cylinder is made of two halves, hinged to the body of the vacuum chamber. The semi-cylinders are pulled together by power bolts and fastened with their own half flanges to the body of the vacuum chamber. To opposite half flanges the head is attached, and the mouthpiece is attached to it, in turn.

To protect against abrasion by the processed clay of the cylinder wall and vacuum chamber bodies are lined with replaceable cover.

Start of the extruder is carried out using frequency conversion, which allows regulation of the speed of rotation of the shafts, thereby the greatest manifestation throughput depending on the type of clay.

Control of vacuum screw press is conducted automatically and implemented using buttons based on control box.

During the operation of the screw vacuum extruder, there is a possibility: mixing, dosing, vacuuming, pressing clay mass and production of building ceramics products.

  PL 140 PL 155 PL 165
Capacity 8 - 20 t/h 40 t/h 70 t/h
Screw diameter 450 mm 550 mm 650 mm
Screw diameter (at the exit) 350 - 380 mm 450 / 500 / 550 mm 550 / 600 / 650 mm
Pressure in head 4.0 MPa 4.0 MPa 4.0 MPa
- mixer 22.0 - 37.0 kW 55,0 ÷ 90,0 kW 75,0 ÷ 110,0 kW
- screw shaft 55.0 - 90.0 kW 160,0 ÷ 200,0 kW 160,0 ÷ 250,0 kW
- length without head 4 700 mm 6 000 mm 6 280 mm
- width 1 800 mm 2 400 mm 2 505 mm
- heith 2 110 mm 2 455 mm 2 560 mm
Weight 9 400 kg 18 000 kg 19 800 kg
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