Handling Machinery for Dryers

«Plinfa» developed and launched the production of elevator-type automatic stackers for laying frames with raw materials on drying trolleys (cantilever type).

The automatic machine-stacker of the PL series is a fundamentally new machine in the range of our production which is the next step in the development of our factory as an integrated supplier of brick factories.

The stacker is universal and can be used to set groups of frames when using chamber-type dryers in a factory. The number of frames placed on the shelves of elevator drives can be from one or more (according to the statement of work).

The design of the stacker has a number of features and advantages: The machine is installed at the “0” mark - there is no need to create complex and large pits. All drives and mechanisms are located above floor level, which provides easy access to them by maintenance personnel. The structural scheme involves the option of alternately loading elevator drives on the right and left side. The number of frames on the shelves of elevator drives can be from 1 to 4 (according to the statement of work). Suitable for working with frames of various lengths. The material for the manufacture of the frames is metal, wood, aluminum.

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