We all know that the actual firing time in industrial kilns is always greater than the minimum time required to obtain a product with intended properties.

This is largely due to the insufficient study of raw materials, which leads to choosing temperature change rates at different firing stages with reserve greater than necessary. A comprehensive study of raw materials thermal behavior (batches) with thermal and dilatometric analysis allows for a reasonable approach to firing process, reduction in firing cycle time and fuel consumption, increase in kiln productivity while ensuring required product quality.

Along with thorough study of raw materials firing properties and implementing hi-end technical solutions PLINFA company is working on design of low energy consumption tunnel kilns for production of high-quality wall ceramics.

Engineered simplicity and reliability is a strong advantage of our kilns, as well as a high level of operational safety.

Kiln design features low thermal conductivity multilayer walls and arch, which significantly reduce energy cost per product compared to other kilns of a similar type.

Advanced engineering solutions were implemented in kiln design, which allows for usage of fireproof materials, insulating materials, and rolled metal widely encountered in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus. This significantly reduces CAPEX compared to kilns where expensive coating materials are used, often imported.

Ventilation systems provide high degree of process control that allows for operation modes to be quickly changed when producing a wide range of products in one kiln. This also helps to eliminate products defects when firing.

Kilns are equipped with a reliable centrally controlled automatic monitoring, control and safety system.

Automation systems are designed individually, considering all particular conditions and requirements.

Automation level allows for process flow without human intervention.


PLINFA Company is continuously working on improving kiln design. We implement engineering solutions which ensure safe operation, process optimization, reduced energy consumption and lower construction cost.