Press for Silicate Bricks

Most of the silica brick in all regions of the former USSR issued on turret presses of the SM 816 , SMS 152. Many plants have a lot of experience operating these presses and thus spare parts for them .
Recently, there is a tendency for installing hydraulic presses, single and double pressing. These presses have a number of advantages over the knee- lever , but there are other disadvantages associated with expensive equipment operation .
Many plants produce face brick on the presses SMS 294M . The new design of these presses can extrude the product of the correct geometry and high raw strength . Release of raw bricks of high quality and has been made possible thanks to the development and implementation of a new type of machine - handlers - PL 590. In the machine - ukaladchike introduces the concept of an ordinary face and cages on the autoclave cart. Moving raw brick with the press table at the trolley without damaging the raw - this is one of the important tasks in the production of lime , especially in high performance - 3000 pcs / hr.
Thus, when the technology of preparation and activation of silicate mass, a set of equipment - a modernized press SMS 294M and automatic stacker PL590 provide compression and folding and mud-brick high quality. In this payback for the modernization of press offices is 2.5 times faster than the installation of hydraulic presses .
Sand-lime brick - a low-cost ordinary building material and its manufacturing cost should be minimal. The use of expensive equipment for the production of ordinary silicate products, as the experience of 2008 to 2009 . Often not justified , so many plants currently are upgrading within acceptable budgets and the use of SMS 294M revolving presses and modern handlers PL 590.

  SMS 294
Capacity 3 070 pcs./hr
- brick 1.4NF +
- brick with through cavity +
Pressing power 1,8 MN
Quantity brick per one press 2 pcs.
Depth of backfill 145 mm
Nominal power consumption 37,0 kW
Weight 19 600 kg
length 4 730 mm
width 3 090 mm
height 3 100 mm
height with ±0,00 1 900 mm
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