Roller crushers

Milling charge (clay) with the release of high-quality brick - one of the most important technological process stages of production. Many global manufacturers put great value production of roller crushers. Our company, in practice, has commissioned a grinding line in many plants and fully shares the trend of the world market brick manufacturers. Clay raw material of high quality is not so much, and consumer demands for quality of finished bricks are constantly rising. In this regard, we are ready to offer a solution to a line from the grinding rollers rough grinding and finishing machines on the super-thin grinding. Below is one example of a configuration of lines of grinding bricks:
1. Rolls coarse SМК 517
2. Fine grinding rolls SМК 516 (compression force of the rolls - 15 tons)
3. Fine grinding rolls  USM 40 (compression force of the rolls - 45 tons, 1.5-2mm gap)
4. Fine grinding rolls KROK 45 (compression force of rollers - 120 tons, 0.8-1mm gap)
We should also be noted that the current production is very important to perform the layout lines and turn the machine on grinding in the right places with the existing equipment and material parameters (humidity, % availability of carbonate products, supplements - fire clay, sand, sawdust, etc.)
The undeniable experience is the translation of brick factories in the production of personal products, including super-slim due to the grinding mill with a gap of 0.8 mm. More of brick factories operate the equipment and with the help of sales specialists work produced by our millions of facial products.
The decision of the grinding compartment can be made on the basis of various equipment manufacturers worldwide - and this path of modernization of grinding is often justified, in terms of different raw machine of a producer reach different results.