Desintegrators (SM1198, SMK517, PL601)

Сlay disintegrator

Our clay disintegrator is used to reduce the grain size distribution of clay to a uniform size from 30 mm.

Stone removal roller mills are designed for coarse grinding of ceramic mass and for recovering stone inclusions from it.

Clay is fed into a loading hopper, falls onto a fast-moving ribbed roller and is tossed at a low speed to a low RPM roller and further being drawn into the gap between rolls. Stones hit low speed roll at high speed and bounce off of it and then get into the housing exit track.

By design and operation rollers can be classified as roller mills and are made up of flat and ribbed rolls. Ribbed roll’s bearing assemblies are rigidly fixed on the frame, whereas flat roll supports can move in guides. Both rolls are mounted on a welded frame with shock safety device that protects rolls against overload. This device takes horizontal force acting upon the smooth roll and pushes it up to 30 mm if metal inclusions get in the mills. At maximum recess of the smooth roll electric motors shut off automatically due to limit switches installed. The gap between rolls can be adjusted by moving the smooth roll using support bolts. Adjustment of shock safety relief device is performed with a tensioner screw. Rolls are covered with a casing mounted on the frame and fitted with a loading hopper. V-belt and chain drives are protected with housing.

Ribbed roller represents a bandage surface with six wear-resistant steel ribs installed on it. The ribs are secured to the bandage by special bolts holding balancing weights. The bearing housings are mounted rigidly on the frame.

  SM 1198 SMK 517 PL 601-08 PL 601-10
Capacity 30 t/hr 50 t/hr 40 t/hr 60 t/hr
Nominal power consumption 43.0 kW 42.5 kW 45,0+5,5 kW 55,0+7,0 kW
Roller width 700 mm 800 mm 800 mm 1000 mm
Roller diameter smooth / ridge 1000/600 mm 1000/560 mm 800/450 mm 800/560 mm
- length 3 185 mm 3 200 mm 2 575 mm 3 200 mm
- width 2 805 mm 1 975 mm 1 940 mm 1 975 mm
- height 1 325 mm 1 400 mm 1 400 mm 1 400 mm
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