Fine roller mills (KROK45, PL608)

One of the main problems of vast majority of brick factories is carbonate inclusions in clay mixtures. To prevent inclusions of large carbonate particles into the mix, CROC 45 batch rollers were designed with a working gap of 0.8 mm, where total rolls compression strength equals 120 tons. Rolls are mounted on independent suspension and rotate at different speeds, which allow carbonates crushing to a size that does not affect the quality of the finished product.

Unlike rolls compression systems used by many manufacturers, in this roller mills pressure is exerted by pneumatic cylinders.

With such system, when uncrushable inclusions get through roller mills, rolls move apart in no time, as gas rapidly shrinks under the effect of external forces. This helps to protect bearings from damage.

Unique design of rolls mounts allows for one-way and two-way roll movements up to 40 mm.

When designing roller mills we applied many conceptually new developments and solutions that have never been previously used in the CIS countries. Our roller mills have been successfully installed and are currently operating at various factories.

Roller mills control system is automatic.

Rollers are available as complete set, including motors, hydraulic power unit, bearing lubrication station, control cabinet, two jetting devices, mass feeder-distributor, etc.

  KROK 45 PL 608
Capacity 40 t/hr t/hr
Roller diameter / width 800/1000 mm mm
Operating clearance between rolls 0.8 mm mm
Nominal power consumption 132.0 kW kW
Contraction power 120.0 t t
- length 3 111 mm mm
- width 4 692 mm mm
- height 2 415 mm mm
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