Design of brick plants

Axiom confirmed by the construction of many brick plants is: lack of quality design always leads to unforeseen costs in construction and as the result brings up problems with financing.


Many people take for granted ordering a design project for repair works of their flat, construction of country house, office and others. Design of industrial facilities with brick plants among them is more tremendous task and it demands many years of experience in this field.


Exactly at the design stage when all necessary technological solutions are approved and future budget of brick plant construction is formed. That is why it is essentially important to enlist the services only of the companies which have experience in this highly specialized activity for carrying out this work. Otherwise customer runs the risk of increase in construction budget several times in comparison with the estimated cost.


PLINFA offers complete performance of technical process: we design everything that is within engineering building and directly linked to manufacturing process. And we are guided by the rule: quality design is the key to successful work of brick plant in the future.


PLINFA Engineering and Industrial Group is the solution of complex tasks in manufacturing of ceramic building materials.