Transferring of brick plants

In the process of transferring of a brick plant from one country to another an investor faces significant problems such as:

- selection of independent performer for providing an assessment of conditions, resources and capacity of equipment;

- orientation of processing line for manufacturing of goods of specific range and typical size of products in accordance with European standards (in the case of transferring a plant from Europe), with respect to which planning and adaptation are required for manufacturing of products in a range corresponding to standard requirements of own country;

- necessity to revise layout and design arrangement due to objective reasons (topography, soil bearing power, distribution of main flows of raw materials, finished products, etc.);

- differences in characteristics of used raw materials from characteristics of raw materials which will be used in future processing line;

- selection of a performer for carrying out quality disassembly and organization of control;

- loss of technical documentation;

- necessity of selection of equipment for completing a processing line;

- necessity of replacement of outdated automation systems or development of the new ones under the conditions of either partial or full loss of technical documentation.


PLINFA has experience in solving such problems including those ones which occur while transferring processing lines of brick manufacture from EC with adaptation to the standards of the Russian Federation.


PLINFA Engineering and Industrial Group is the solution of complex tasks in manufacturing of ceramic building materials.