Open Double-shaft mixers (SMK 125, SMK 126)

Double-shaft mixers are designed for homogeneous mixing (homogenization) and moisturizing of ceramic bodies and mixtures. This equipment can also be used for loosening and fluffing of compacted dry mix and other granular materials.

The mixer is used on factories that manufacture bricks, tiles and other construction ceramics.

This machine was specially designed for medium-sized plants with capacity from 15 to 30 million pieces per year.

Its main design feature is convenience and operational reliability, easy access to all units and minimum number of "dead spaces" in the housing. All blades have abrasion-resistant alloy surfacing.

If required by the Customer, double-shaft mixer can be optional equipped with reverse gear, variable frequency drive and air actuated valves of various types.

The drive is equipped with pneumatic coupling, which allows smooth shafts start and stop (with electric motor on) avoiding excessive start-up torque.

The mixer might be also manufactured with steam feed system for the dry mix.