«PLINFA» completed the transfer of the plant of gas silicate blocks production from the EU to Ukraine

«PLINFA» has implemented a technically complex project of moving the plant from European Union to Ternopil, Ukraine for company GazoBET.

Traditionally our company was focused on the transfer of factories of ceramic production. However, this project set a challenge for our company to transfer and construct a plant for the production of gas silicate blocks. For the successful implementation of the project, we have applied knowledge, experience and plan of action of similar projects that were executed before by PLINFA employees.

PLINFA have proposed and held to the following work plan: - Implementation of technical and process audit of the plant in Poland; - according to the audit findings and collected information, development the pre-project solutions considering the existing production areas of the Customer; - Plant design; - Supervision of dismantling and installation works;

- Manufacturing and supply of missing and auxiliary equipment; - Development of a new control system for the most complex process area – the cutting line of blocks; - Startup of production of gas silicate blocks.

The launch of modern production in Ukraine is the result of the two-year work of the engineering team of PLINFA.

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