«PLINFA» implemented the next project in Kazakhstan

In Astana, Kazakhstan in 2017-2018 a major reconstruction of brick plant Astana Ceramic was carried out with the involvement of PLINFA.

PLINFA's cooperation with Astana Ceramic began from the technical audit of the existing plant and the development of the concept of its full reconstruction. The Customer initially wanted only European equipment and full European project. As a result of negotiations, PLINFA won a tender for the turn-key project delivery of clay preparation department.

To implement this project, PLINFA has develop a fundamentally new machine PL 601-08 for crushing of the raw material (clay in the form of shales).

Besides new roller mill PL 601-08 PLINFA has installed the serial equipment – fine roller mill USM 40 and two buffer apron feeders PL 024 with bins of 80 m3 each.

The control system was carried out on the basis of the controller and equipment of the Schneider Electric. The control system monitors the level of filling of the receiving hoppers by each material, which allows to prepare a raw multicomponent mixture of several formulations. Each buffer bunker of 80 m3 is equipped with level sensors. The filling of hoppers is carried out in an automatic mode, after the filling of the first bin the reverse conveyor is switched over to load the other one.

In additional to clay preparation department PLINFA has designed the process line of the continuous feeding of coal from the storage to the production line. The control system have an user friendly interface with possibility of remote control using the WebHMI technology.