PLINFA launches new manufacturing in Vietnam

In 2016, PLINFA and DAMY signed a contract for the design of a brick plant for the production of vibropressed products. 

The following tasks were set before the specialists of the company:
− the capacity of the future plant is 30 million bricks per year;
− the finished product should be 20% lighter than competitors produce;
− the use of local waste as an inert material;
− the production process is fully automated.

The most complicated task was to get the product lighter than competitors produce. For getting the needed result, it was necessary to produce a matrix for products with a wall thickness of 7 mm with a product height of 180 mm:

To accomplish the task, it was necessary to significantly upgrade and, in fact, develop a new vibropress with fundamentally new technical solutions:
− new tool for filling the molding matrix with the material;
− new system for centering the molding matrix during movement;
− new centering system of the punch during the moving.

A separate, challenging task was the design of a mold, which, due to the complexity of the geometry of the product, required jeweler precision in manufacturing and assembly.

Thanks to these solutions, it was possible to get rid of the defective products during the demolding process and to achieve high dimensional accuracy of the products, despite their complex geometry.

The complex project of the company “PLINFA” and the preliminary tuning up of the equipment prior to shipment to Vietnam, allowed to realize the task successfully. 

Link to video of equipment in operating