Process and technical audit

Leaders or owners of companies-manufacturers of ceramic products often have the following typical questions:


At current production:

  • How to improve quality of products?
  • How to reduce energy cost of production processes thus reducing cost of production?
  • Where are reserves of process line productivity hidden?
  • How to expand the range of products?
  • Equipment of which manufacturers to choose for reconstruction with respect to peculiarities of specific production?
  • How to work out job descriptions, workmanship instructions?

In the process of purchase of brick plant:

  • Is the posted price for the facility adequate?
  • What main technical and technological problems might appear in the future?
  • What is the wear degree of the main means of production?
  • How satisfactory is a resource base?
  • What would be an amount of investment in the future, in the process of facility reconstruction?

In the process of constructing a facility from scratch

  • Who will be able to develop a feasibility study for a project?
  • Who will carry out independent analysis of proposals of equipment suppliers and will point to positive and negative aspects?
  • Who will perform construction plan of a plant?
  • Who will work out schedule plan of facility construction taking into account experience and peculiarities of this business?
  • How to develop and implement process procedure of production?


PLINFA has a staff of engineers who know answers to above-mentioned questions, are able to provide expert advice and assess precisely technical state of plants fitted with both domestic and foreign equipment.


PLINFA Engineering and Industrial Group is the solution of complex tasks in manufacturing of ceramic building materials.